New Chapters!

Well hello BMR followers: 

You're likely wondering why I haven't announced a Thanksgiving Day pie sale yet. Maybe not. But for those of you who *are* wondering and for those of you who might be pokin' around here looking for information about baking classes and wholesale products, I have some good, good and slightly dramatic news to share with you.

As of this week, I've made the official decision to put all of my efforts, finally, into writing this book and moving along on my path outside of the kitchen full time. It's been a hard decision to make because, well, lots of reasons really, but the main one being that I really love being in a kitchen. I've been afforded an opportunity - and I can honestly say it came from a lot of hard work and keeping my head down while I busted my ass - to make what an old friend of mine would call a "long road" decision. I've been in survival mode my whole life. Which is fine, honestly, because it's taken me far and it's given me SUCH a bounty of opportunities to be around brilliant folks and amazing experiences. I think, though, that at some point, you have to start correcting the path back to the original intention if you ever get so lucky to look up and realize that the hustler days are over. 

As I've been journeying through this last year, letting myself build things to see if they stayed standing, pressed on with the idea that a bakery was my vision, building a website to be as available and accessible with my baking as possible - I also dreamed of writing and had to keep so many ideas at bay because, well, I was busy with another thing I loved. I wasn't willing to make a choice but then realized that by not making a choice, I was, in fact, making a circumstantial choice and not holding myself accountable to the "long road". 

Psycho-babble aside, what I really want to say is that I'm slightly closing up shop and thank you. This note is in response to many emails and messages I've received in the last week or so - I feel I must come on out and declare that I won't be shaking down a holiday pie order or doing any public baking classes for awhile. The online shop will be sealed up like a vault. I will be writing. 

Thank you for giving me a space to work and such a HUGELY warm audience in which to be received. Thank you for caring about my food. Thank you for letting me cook for you all for so long and thank you for helping me to build a career to the point where I can actively make a CHOICE. That, to me, is the definition of success and is the greatest gift of all. 

I'd like to offer some thoughts on where to buy your holiday pies, because there are so many lovely things happening in Nashville these days. Claire at Dozen Bakery makes some really beautiful pies and other baked goods that are simply lovely. You can find her in the Wedgewood Houston area of our fine city and HERE on the internet.  

I've been hearing a bit of buzz about a sweet little concept called Littlest Love Bakeshop. I believe it is solely online. So, go check them out HERE

In the meantime, I'll be here, quietly working on many big projects that I can not wait to breath life into. I'll still be involved in food in such a big way - I'm currently working on pieces for Food and Wine and for some other publications that I hope you will all be pleased to find me in. And, of course, I'll still be cooking. Just a little more narrowly than the perimeters of "wholesale" and "bakery" allow for. I'm not straying too far, just redirecting my gaze a bit and using all these things I've learned to start a new adventure.

Happiest of Thanksgivings and know that I am so grateful to all of you for so many years of being able to work on my craft in this city! Here's to new beginnings! 

Much love,