Shaking Off Winter: It's SPRING WORKSHOP sign up TIME.

We aren't through winter just yet, but these warmer days have got me thinking on the months to come. I'm ready to poke my head out of this wintery (and lovely) hibernation I've been in since November. Or, at least, I *will* be ready come April.

A quick thanks to all of you who so enthusiastically signed up for our Winter BakeShare. I'm sorry we could only take 10 of you! I'm trying to remain a small operation so that I can continue to move forward on my book, so if I think I can squeeze a few more in for our Spring BakeShare without endangering my writing time, I will definitely do so. If you don't know what our BakeShare is, please visit the BakeShare page and check it out.

I've had a lot of time to reflect on all of the travel I did last year and it's prompted me to plan out some spring time baking classes. The classes I've taught for the last few years - in Nashville, in NYC and in San Francisco - have been both the highlight of my career thus far as well as an important key to unlocking how to communicate baking technique to "lay persons" in the most effective and efficient way. Plus, it's just fun as shit and I love meeting everyone. 

I have rearranged the style of them - moving out from the "Southern Baking Basics", etc., to a more fluid and logical categorization. If you're interested in more details, I urge you to visit our Events page where you can get all the pertinent details you need as well as sign up!