"Wear Your Eatin' Dress"

Wow. Just wow. Last night was gangbusters. From the lovely setting, the enormously wonderful people and the fun I had in the kitchen - around here, we'd call that a win! I'd like to acknowledge that a blog post is probably not the proper forum in which to gush with gratitude, but I'm gushing and I can't stop the deluge of "thank yous" that seem to keep coming from my mouth. I truly am surrounded by some of the loveliest people on this planet. Truly.

Mark Tucker came and shot the evening. He is beautiful and brilliant and a damn great photographer. He also took up residency at the kitchen sink and became my all night, and I mean ALL night, dishwasher (SEE! Where do these people COME from? Just amazing).  Not only did he take the amazing shots below, totally capturing everything beautiful about the night, but he sweated it out in the kitchen like a trooper and won over the hearts of every woman, man and dog in the building. His blog and photo archives are proof that he is probably one of the most talented and gifted people you may ever meet. 

I have to take this opportunity to say that my decision to bring on an assistant was, initially, simply out of necessity. I thought, I would need someone to run food, help prep, set-up, break-down - the whole bit. I knew I would need help, but I had no idea what a great decision bringing someone like Jaime Miller on would be. She is committed to my vision and is such a go-getter that I can't imagine being without her now. If you need something done, efficiently, and with style then Jaime is your gal. Actually, no, Jaime is my gal, you can't have her. I owe her a great deal of gratitude, the evening would not have gone as stupendously well as it had with out her super skills and true grit and endurance.

We were very fortunate to have found a truly lovely home to feed everyone out of. Todd Burkett and his lady friend, Nona, opened their beautiful East Nashville villa style home to us and it could not have been a better venue. The kitchen was a joy to cook out of and the space worked on every level.

The meal was a delight to serve, but could not have been even close to as lovely with out the generous help and expertise of Robin Ridell. People were so happy with their evening, largely impart to the truly thoughtful wine pairings of the evening. I have received many a compliment today and each one has been included with "And the WINE!". I feel a lot like I have some kind of superhero team behind me. I guess, because, I do. Not only am I surrounded by some of the most talented folks around, but good gracious if they are not the most generous of spirit and loving on the planet, to boot.

I have a great many, many things in store for the future for Buttermilk Road Sunday Supper. I hope you will stay tuned and keep an eye out for our next dates and menus. There's lots more to come from the like of us and I hope you will all join us at some point in the near future. As my dear friend Alisa Martin (who, by the way, made a ridiculously perfect and fun 3 1/2 hour music mix for the evening.) would say "Wear your eatin' dress!".