Andrea Behrends: Badass

We were lucky enough to have a delightful lady by the name of Andrea Behrends come and shoot our Supper on August 19th at Barista Parlor. She definitely captured the evening and, actually, ran a few plates and helped clean up. It has been my experience that photographers are THE people to have around at all times. They are fun. They are impossibly interesting. And, bless their hearts, they just don't like to have idle hands. I'm looking directly your way Mark Tucker. If people do, in fact, have tribes, mine is full of cooks, sculptors, writers and, now, photographers. What a motley damn crew. Somehow I need to work a few accountants in there just to balance the scales a bit.

Do yourself a favor, after you check out the photos below: go check out the other truly remarkable things that Andrea has done at her website. She's wonderfully talented. And, also, she's just plain wonderful.