BurgerUP Blast Off!

Our Sunday Supper last night was a hit and a hoot and I couldn't have asked for anything more! We were so fortunate to have such a remarkable space as BurgerUP to work out of. I have to give one more giant THANK YOU to not only Miranda Whitcomb Pontes, but also to her crew (Kris Koon and Shannon Wright especially) and I have to really thank her wonderful chef Phillip for being such a generous, helpful and welcoming host. He helped ease our kitchen transition like a pro.

I'd also like to announce that we have a very exciting new team mate joining our Buttermilk Road Sunday Supper family. For those of you who lived and work in Nashville, you either know this fine lady or you've likely come in contact with her remarkable food. Meg Giuffrida was in the kitchen with me last night and she was the sincerest definition of a "right hand man". Meg used to own and run the Red Wagon, one of the pioneer restaurants that successfully opened up in East Nashville years ago. Meg and I have a lot in common, mainly that we have both struggled to find our way as cooks who have families. They are not the easiest things to manage together and we've both walked away from a lot in order to make it all fit and to put our families first. She is now the Executive Chef of Turnip Truck Urban Fare. Having her in the kitchen with me is truly a gift. She's going to be joining us when her schedule allows and we will welcome her with wide, wide arms each and every time.

The ever-delightful Heidi Ross came and shot the evening and I'll be posting those photos soon. Though, the amazing header photo to this post is her creation. She's already sent me a teaser photo and, honestly, I have never felt so glamorous in all my life. And, the picture she sent me was of a piece of ham. I feel glamorous over HAM - that's how good Heidi Ross is.

We have a lovely photog-pal by the name of Keith Miles who, as a guest last night, took some pretty lovely shots of the food. Thanks Keith for sharing these with us:


Thanks again to all who made it out last night! It was surely my pleasure to have you all there. More to come!