Images of Our Evening: Buttermilk Road Sunday Supper at The Catbird Seat!

It's true, we might have had some serious game faces on when photographer Ryan Green showed up early Sunday afternoon to The Catbird Seat. Every kitchen provides a tone, a feel, a mood that intuitively I can't help but tap into. It took me a minute to warm up in the kitchen at Catbird - it's so serious and tight and wonderfully sharp in its design. In every refrigerator, there are the prettiest foods, delicate herbs, wonderful things that I couldn't help but open and smell. Mainly, I was just so knocked out by the space that it took me more than a minute to stop exploring and oooo-ing and aahhhh-ing over all the ingredients packed and labeled perfectly in mason jars and in sous vide packages in the dry storage closet, all of the delicate herbs and microgreens tucked away in the lowboys. I'm such a primal, from the gut cook with my messes of greens and bushels of beets and pounds of flour and butter- this felt like I was in Oz, everything so delicate and almost shiny. Seeing food in such a different way but understanding that it's all the same thing - it's quite inspiring. And, it was quite an honor to be invited by Josh Habiger to bring my food into their space. I've always loved cooks. Always. But it's really a kick when you meet another cook whose approach is so wonderfully different from yours and you still find that nugget of truth and connection between yourselves. Same love, different interpretations.

Somehow, even with my serious game face on, Ryan Green (who was sent to us via Native Magazine for a feature they are working on about us and, specifically, about this Supper at The Catbird Seat), managed to show up and blend into the atmosphere capturing some really beautiful images of the night. Eventually, as the night grew on, food started to move around the room, wine started to get heavily poured, music started playing, people laughing, eating: the images start to change because the mood changed with the crowd - which is a sign of any good photographer, I believe. The evening felt light and fun - everyone so grateful for the experience, which was overwhelming and so amazing to feel. Thank you to the guests who made the night truly spectacular. And, thank you Ryan for capturing it all!

One last quick thank you to Josh at The Catbird Seat. And to my friends, all whom I could not do this without: Alisa Martin, Robin Riddell Jones, Meg Giufridda, Kate Parrish and Jessica Cheatham. You guys knocked it completely out of the park and are brilliant all the way around. I couldn't do this without you. Especially you, Ms. Martin. Especially you.

Enjoy these pictures. It was really such a lovely, badass night.