Belated Happy New Year and Upcoming Events!

2012 was a damn humdinger, it's true. So many successes and, more importantly, so many things up ahead in this new year. I hope it's not too late to give many buckets full of thanks to everyone that has jumped on board and made BMR such a great success and, ultimately, such fun. I have buckets full to give! We were so gifted with the generosity of some wonderful establishments in which to feature our small gatherings. It has been nothing but our pleasure to bring our Suppers to some great spaces in Nashville. We've made such wonderful friendships and consider it such a wonderful statement on our town's ability to really build relationships around concepts and good food and people who love what they do. It hasn't stopped at simply sharing food together. While that was the initial concept - to build one night around bringing strangers, albeit neighbors, together over food, a community building exercise in itself - something so much bigger and more wonderful than that has arisen. There has, quite inadvertently, been a web spun - one that connects everything I love with so many people who also love them, bringing us together to celebrate them with lots of wine and warm biscuits. Not only do I get to put food out onto a table for you to share with your neighbors, but good golly if if this thing hasn't taken off into a wonderfully multi-dimensional experience. Photographers, writers, cooks traveling in from Birmingham to join in the efforts - everyone all bringing something different and providing something different - each night an exhibition of some of the finest talents and most charmingly wonderful people I've ever met.. I'm getting carried away. But it's all true! And, it's been such a blast.

What lies ahead? Well. Part of my absence has been due to planning. And, also part of my absence has been a delightful busyness with private events. I've been welcomed into some of the warmest and loveliest homes full of the loveliest people from Nashville to Birmingham. I've been invited to travel hours to other cities to cook for two people, invited to come to parties to cook for forty, hired to plan and serve a seven-course Chef's tasting menu for twelve - it's all kept me so happily busy. And, I plan. I plan and plan and plot and scheme and build bakery ideas and book ideas and study histories on my favorite breads and nerd out over old cookie recipes. But there are more Sunday Suppers up ahead, never you fear. We have been invited into some new exciting places with some really badass collaborations in effect. We will be revisiting our old pal Andy at Barista a few more times, because it's just such a perfect place for us as well as joining some new pals in their spaces. We will be welcoming more visiting chefs and have more suppers with song. We also just might have some thing a little more permanent up our sleeves.

For now, though, just know that we're building. And our small gatherings will still be discretely coming to you about once a month, so stay tuned.

Next date: February 10th, 2013. It's Mardi Gras, y'all. And, you know the swamp girl in me just won't let that get by with out a proper crawfish boil and gumbo and jambalaya party. It's going to be decidedly lower key than the last two events - it'll be done right with newspapers on the table and loud music and festive libations. More details to follow this week. Keep your eyes peeled for the next post with reservation button within the next day or so.

See you at the table,