WHEW! Let's Catch Up, Shall We??

These last six months... I can really, barely wrap my mind around where to begin. There are so many photos to share, so many stories to tell, so much that was seen, eaten, sipped, sung, bellowed, guffawed, gulped.... I really feel like maybe a bulleted list of the last six months might be a better summation. But bullet lists are for jerks. I want to have the time it would take to tell you all the details, show you all the pictures, tell you about all the food. And, I really feel like I CAN. In time. And, maybe if that time isn't NOW, I can at least hope that I took copious enough notes to remember the better parts to share with you very soon. In the last six months, I've been to New York with my team of brilliant hoodlums, the wonderwall that is Jessica Cheatham, the super-multi-talent that is Andrea Behrends and a visitor chef, Aussie globetrotter Trisha Greentree, to teach baking classes and serve a Sunday Supper to a whole new audience. I've been to and baked for the remarkable and utterly life-changing event that is the Southern Foodways Alliance Symposium where the topic was Women, Work and Food and where I met the most incredible people I may ever meet on this planet, heard some of the most inspiring words spoken and cooked with incredibly gifted and generous chefs whom I will always feel are my family now. I was asked to host a Supper in the Studio with Emily Leonard to be covered by a talented team for Anthology Magazine that consisted of Anna Watson Carl, Amy Dickerson and Jenn Elliot Blake. I've recorded two episodes of Mind of a Chef with Sean Brock. I've been invited to host intimate Suppers with the likes of the wonderful folks at Jack Daniels in Lynchburg as well as with Arnold's Country Kitchen to benefit The Land Trust of Tennessee - not to mention in various, lovely private homes in the South. I've worked with the beautifully curated shows that are The Joint Series with Susan Sherrick and Libby Callaway and in leagues with Josh Habiger and musician Joe Fletcher. My biscuits were listed as #5 best biscuit in the country by Food and Wine Magazine (say wha?!!). All the while, I've been doing some of the most rewarding and important work of my life with some of the finest cooks I've ever met at Husk Nashville, and also helping to oversee the pastry in Charleston at the original Husk with the sensationally brilliant Travis Grimes. I've been wonderfully busy. As John T. Edge would say, "Everything is in motion" and I couldn't be happier. (Notice how I've just made a bullet list in paragraph form? That's SUPER jerky, right there, isn't it?).

AND, I have pictures! SOMEwhere! And I promise to show them to you. SOON!

For now, I want to tell you all thank you. Thank you, thank you, thank you. Bucket fulls of thanks to so many people.

And, I also want to tell you what's ahead! I feel a real-deal bullet list coming on...

This year, in lieu of my usual Thanksgiving Pie Extravaganza Sale in which I drive everyone around me crazy for a week in order to obsess over the production of 100+ pies, I will exclusively be selling pies at Peter Nappi to benefit The Magdelene House at their Thanks&Giving Show with several of the loveliest Nashvillians I know: Emily Leonard, Peter Bradley Adams, Heidi Ross, the entire Peter Nappi Team and Thistle Farms. Understanding, of course, that this doesn't fill your Thanksgiving Day pie needs, but it does get you in the spirit of things all while you get to eat some damn pie. It's kind of a perfect thing!


On Sunday, November 24th, I will be hosting a Sunday Supper (the first since New York!) at the home of acclaimed artist Buddy Jackson. It will be a Supper billed as a private viewing of many of his most recent works, as well as many of his previous works. Curator and art dealer Susan Sherrick will be on hand, with Buddy himself, to discuss the work with guests as well as to provide information for collectors regarding purchase. I'll be posting the menu and a link to purchase seats to this Supper later this week! If you're not familiar with Buddy or his work, please check him out here on my other ridiculously talented pal Mark Tucker's website.

I'll be posting December events within the next couple of weeks. But, I'm excited to announce that there is a Holiday Sunday Fete in the works and the date is December 15th. Stay tuned for exciting details!

Thank you for letting me barely catch you all up. I'm still here! And, happily, everything is delightfully and wonderfully "in motion".

With much love and thanks,