Forks in the Road and Spoons in the Thanksgiving PIES!!!

I had big plans, you guys. I had plans to ship pies to the corners of the world this year. But things change. Life happens. 20130702-063632.jpg

There are many changes on the horizon for me. The biggest and most dramatic change for me is that on November 21st, I will be moving on from my post as Pastry Chef of Husk Nashville. When Sean called and offered me the job, my admiration for him and my desire to learn from him in a kitchen trumped my knowledge that the restaurant industry was not necessarily the easiest industry to sustain a family life, a writing career or a healthy physical state of being within. I did it anyway and it has been such a rewarding ride. I feel proud to have built the menus I built and so honored to have worked along side Sean - what I have learned from him as a chef and as a friend in this industry (and life at large) has been something that is invaluable to me. I'll carry these last nearly two years with me in a really special way. But, finding a more sustainable way to both work and be with my family while I build my career is paramount to me in this phase of life. The graciousness with which Husk is sending me out into the world is so loving, kind and understanding. I'll definitely miss my little corner of that kitchen.

In an effort to not jump from one intense work cycle to another, sending pies to London and Portland is not going to happen (Sorry Dylan and Rebecca and Lisa and all!). I'd really love to spend that Thanksgiving week simply and easily being with my family. But! So many folks are asking and, honestly, for me, knocking out twenty or thirty pies is nuthin'. Truly. SO, to my Nashville family at large, I'm taking a few pie orders to be picked up Wednesday, November 26th,  at a set time a location TBD amongst the orderers and myself. I'm keeping the options reaaaaaally simple. Each pie will be 10", semi-deep dish and $35 each. If you prefer to have it delivered versus meeting us at the pickup time, I can deliver for an additional $10 to your home, within city limits. I'll only take 30 orders max this time.


Your options are:

My traditional Buttermilk Chess Pie (as served at Husk)

Sweet Potato Buttermilk Pie

Bourbon Molasses Georgia Pecan Pie


Please NOTE: Simply purchase the total amount and in the "Special Instuctions" field, make a note of which pies you'd like. You will receive notification and a personal receipt from me within 24hours. I'll take the link down once I've maxed out.

And happy holidays guys!!!