Welcome to Buttermilk Road!

Buttermilk Road Sunday Supper grew out of two things: The first is my fascination with the community and family tradition of the Sunday Supper. The idea that, once a week, people religiously get together to share a meal in the most dedicated way possible - to strengthen the bonds of their relationship, be it familial or neighborly or religiously - is at the core of what brought me to the world of cooking. While I had always attributed it to my southern culture, I've since been amazed by how this tradition is quite strong amongst many cultures, in many countries. During my tenure at City House, this was my favorite night of service: a night that we threw the regular menu out the window and cooked from the hip, the heart and for our families and friends. We made our favorite childhood dishes, far more elegantly than we ever ate them as children. We paid homage to our mother's cookies and casseroles and our grandmother's layer cakes. We played with food in a way that was fun, but once put on our Sunday menu and served to a restaurant full of paying customers, worth every bite and better than we all remembered from our own childhood Sunday Suppers. I fell more in love with cooking with each Sunday.

The second is this: it took me a few years of kicking and screaming and self-doubt and feeling like I was leaving the most fun boyfriend I've ever had (you know, the same boyfriend that is not usually good for family life or normalcy), but I have retired completely from pastry chef-dome and baking full-time. I was very lucky to work in what I consider two of the best kitchens, not only in Nashville, but in the Southeast. Margot and City House (read: Margot McCormack and Tandy Wilson along with the Sous Chefs that I worked alongside, Matthew Davidson and Aaron Clemins, respectively) were two of the greatest experiences of my life.

But, I guess I'm a girl who likes to have her cake and eat it too because, there is no way I can just up and quit cooking as if it were some kind of bad habit. I love it too much to abandon completely. So, in an effort to be a spoiled brat and have everything I want and need, full time work that I enjoy, the ability to work studiously and diligently toward my graduate applications AND still cook for a community I love, I have created Buttermilk Road.

Buttermilk Road will be a once a month supper club held at a lovely undisclosed location in East Nashville. Each month, the menu will reflect the goods from farmers like the folks at Avalon Acres, my pals at Eaton's Creek, the lovely farmers at Bountiful Blessings (who, by the way, grow the best strawberries I have tasted all year) and, of course, anything that I can eek out of my young, little Inglewood backyard garden. We will also be featuring local cheeses, some of the finest Tennessee based dairies and only local meats. Robin Ridell (wine aficionado, gourmet, wine writer for the Tennessean, one of the finest ladies you may ever meet) will be serving as sommelier for each meal and will pair each course with her choice, to be included in your donation.

There will be thirty available seats and I hope you and yours will join us. It's a night to eat, mingle, meet, share, and above all, build community around food.

If you'd like to be added to our mailing list, please hit the button below. I'll be posting our first menu soon!

I look forward to cooking for you and sharing a lovely Sunday Supper.


Lisa Donovan