Buttermilk Road Sunday Supper at Barista Parlor!

While those of you that hold reservations to the August 19th New Orleans Supper already know this, I am so excited about working with Andy at Barista Parlor that I thought I'd go ahead and shout if from the roof tops.

Andy has received great accolades in his first few months of being in business. His commitment to quality and our community is pretty alluring in a business and, also, he's just a darn nice guy. From the solar panel roof to the individual handcrafted cup of coffee to the integrity of every little detail, I appreciate the bar being raised by Mumma and his crew at Barista. If it's true that Nashville is well on it's way to being a true food town, I'd like to think that these are the standards that will be maintained by all those who follow.

You can check out Barista Parlor on their FB page HERE.

You can also read about them in all of these fine publications:

The New York Times

The Nashville Post

The Tennessean

The Nashville Scene

And, coming soon, Travel + Leisure

We look very forward to having such a great space to fill with food and some really superb people on August 19th. Thanks Andy!

In other Buttermilk Road news, we have some very promising and equally exciting prospects to bring our Suppers west side! I will be posting our Sept. 2nd menu with reservation availability when I get back from New Orleans this weekend, so be on the lookout for that.

Our last Supper sold out in less than 48 hours, which was incredibly thrilling for me, but left many of y'all disappointed. If you haven't started following us here on this page, please do (the little email link on your right) and you'll be updated immediately when new posts are made. Also, we now have a Facebook and Twitter page - so you have many, many ways to keep up with what we've got going on!

Looking forward to sharing our future plans with you and REALLY looking forward to August 19th Ode to New Orleans Dinner at Barista Parlor.