FULLY BOOKED! September 2nd Supper Menu and Newest Pop Up Location Announced!

I'm just back from New Orleans and am knee-deep in excitement and preparation for our August 19th New Orleans Sunday Supper at Barista Parlor. I came home with so much inspiration and with a bucket full of homesickness for a place I've never even lived. God bless ya, New Orleans. Aside from the September 2nd menu being ready to post and for reservations to be made, I'm happy to announce that this upcoming supper in September will be held on the West Side at the beautiful BurgerUp location on 12South. Thanks to our friend Miranda Whitcomb, we will have such a lovely building and a new neighborhood to bring our food to. To say that Miranda is lovely, inspiring, supportive and incredibly generous is barely the tip of the iceberg. When a gal starts out with a baby of an idea and so many people get behind her to help her grow that idea, she starts to feel incredibly lucky. Miranda makes me feel that way. Very often.

For the September 2nd menu, I have brought myself (and the menu) back around to the original concept of an old school Southern Sunday Supper. This really is the truest reflection of me as a cook and as a person, and I feel like it's a necessary return for me after the New Orleans menu in August - which is a sweet diversion from our regular Nashville fare. Both menus are really at the core of what I love about food - they are simple, accessible and, if this makes any sense, often times incredibly generous foods. I love a menu that makes you feel like you are home and that you are welcome to have more of anything you see. To play with crawfish and shrimp and chicory and all that gorgeous creole and cajun food gets me more excited than I should really even admit. But to get back to my basics, the biscuits and yeast rolls and okra, is always a necessity for me. At least every once in while.

I have changed the format slightly for this dinner. I have beefed up the snacks during cocktail hour. And, I have added shared sides to this menu. In order not to kill you with the "generosity" of this food, I have cut out a middle course.

Robin Ridell will be pairing wines and they will be announced at a later date. You can make your reservations at the bottom of this post by making a suggested donation of $65/without wine pairings or cocktail or $80/with wine pairing and cocktail. After you have reserved your seat, you will be sent a more detailed email regarding our evening at BurgerUp on September 2nd.

As always, I will cap reservations at 30 people. Since I had so many disappointed folks who missed out on reserving spots at the August 19th Supper, I feel I must let y'all know that the last Supper booked in less than 48hours, so as informercial as it might sounds, you might want to act fast. It's going to be another fun night for the records! I can already feel it.

And, never hesitate to email me with questions or dietary concerns or restrictions. If you haven't taken a moment to follow us via email on this website please do! We are also on the Facebook and the Twitter. This'll keep you posted on all of our upcoming events.

Thank to everyone for all their incredible support and enthusiasm thus far.  I hope to see you all at the table!

September 2nd, 2012

(Wine Pairings TBA)

Appetizers and Cocktails:

Bourbon and Fresh Ginger Beer Soda with Peach Swizzle

Pimento Cheese, Summer Ham and Pickled Shallot Crostini

Pulled Pork Gougeres w. Spicy BBQ Sauce and Local Cabbage Slaw

Edna Lewis' Cheese Straws

Spicy Boiled Peanuts

First Course:

Lemon, Salt and Olive Oil Rubbed Kale Salad 

with Savory Benne Cracker Bits, Grated Kenny's Farmhouse Norwood Cheese and Pickled Peaches

Second Course:

Roasted Avalon Acres Quarter Chicken

with Creamed Fennel, Leek and Red Potatoes

Sides for the Table to Share:

Lisa's Biscuits and Yeast Rolls

Sour Milk Cast Iron Corn Bread

Roasted Local Okra with Olive Oil and Benton's Bacon Bits

Skillet Charred and Buttered Corn w. Tarragon and Shallots

Lady Pea and Lima Bean Salad

Sweet Pickled Cucumber with Vidalia Onion 

Third Course:

Drew's Brews Coffee Service

Cornmeal Buttermilk Custard Cake with Vanilla Roasted Cherries and Cream

This Supper is fully booked! Thank you and please check back - we will be posting a later September Supper date and menu soon! If you aren't following our blog, please do. And you can also follow us on FB and twitter. Thanks again!