Heidi Ross Photo Boss

Oh Heidi Ross. Where to begin. Have you ever met someone whom you admired right out of the gate? Someone so sharp and clear and collected that you think, "I should really spend as much time with this girl as possible" because you know it will make you a better person? One of those people in my world is Heidi. We've struck up many a conversation about life and big ideas and she is currently my favorite person to dream with. One of the reasons is: she is not afraid to see the full potential in something, in everything. And, that is rare. At least, I've only come across it a few times in my life. I'm really honored to have built a truly lovely friendship with this girl over the last year. She's incomparably amazing, just on her personality alone. BUT THEN, she goes and does something like these photos and, well, I'm not sure what kind of magic she's made of but, it's really, really good stuff.

I'm not naturally comfortable around cameras. But Heidi has this innate gift to make you forget that she has a camera in her hand. There is a lot of trust involved, for me anyway. Heidi's gift is that she manages to find incredibly intense beauty in a really simple gesture. I joke around that she can make ham glamorous, but it's really true. She finds the light in everything to bring out something in it that you might only recognize if you spent a lot of time looking for it - you know, the full potential. She does the same with me, bookish girl that I am.

Take your time, enjoy these shots. It was hard to narrow down what I wanted to share on this post so there are a lot and each one is as gorgeous as the next. And, Heidi, thank you for such a truly great gift.


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