Exciting Times! Upcoming Dates for Your Calendar!

This fall is shaping up to be a real winner around here. So far, we have been invited to cook in some of the most delightful spaces in all of Nashville - no doubt, the most thrilling being a November 11th Supper at The Catbird Seat. Not only has it been wonderful to have been invited, but, honestly, getting to know a fella by the name of Josh Habiger has really been the sweetest part of the deal. We had coffee at Barista Parlor this past week to talk about food and dates and food and food and, it can go without saying that I usually feel right at home talking to other kitchen people, but meeting Josh was such a damn pleasure that it reminded me of how much I miss my kitchen boys at City House. They just don't make fellas like these very often and it's always a pleasure to sit and chat with what often times feel like the Y chromosome version of me. Is that narcissistic? I don't mean for it to be. It's just nice to feel at home. And, I feel good and at home with other cooks.

We also have a new website design in the works and I'm sure I won't be able to help but announce when it's completed because I'm a nerd.

FUTURE DATES: Please keep these dates in mind when planning your end of the year events. I will post individual posts for each of these events with menus and reservation buttons as each event nears, so keep an eye out for those in order to reserve your seats.

October 14th - private location to be announced to those making reservations only! This post is currently locked and will be unlocked after the host has had their priority 24hours to send out a block of invites to their friends and then, in true BMR fashion, we will open up reservations to our community to make it a true Sunday Supper community event.

November 11th @ The Catbird Seat: please join us for what I feel will be a delightfully pleasant evening. We will be capping this evening at 20 guests with a four course menu with wine pairings by Robin Riddell and delightful cocktails by our amazing bartender pals Alisa and Jaime. Don't miss it!

November 18th - Location currently pending and will be announced once confirmed. We will host our first Vegetarian Sunday Supper to celebrate the bounty of the fall's harvest and to truly and optimally celebrate our local farmers! As an ex-vegetarian of sixteen years, I am incredibly excited to share my love of our local vegetables and cheeses and fruits and grains.

December 16th - Holiday Sunday Supper. Think : family, friends, eggnog, Bing Crosby and David Bowie Little Drummer Boying it up while we all celebrate Buttermilk Road Style.

This will get us to the New Year - 2013! - when we will likely have plenty of announcements more for you all! Many good things coming all of our way!

We look very forward to seeing you all at the table!

LD and the Buttermilk Road Team