November 11th at The Catbird Seat! And, THANK YOU!

You guys. Just... Really. Last night at Mas Tacos Por Favor was simply delightful. We had another lovely crowd and, even though I had heartbreak over failed acaraje, the little bastards, I could not have been more pleased with the fact that I got to grill whole snapper and pour yummy annatto seafood stew over top of it. In many ways, as a pastry chef, I am getting to explore a whole other world of cooking. Playing with squid and clams and using what I know in a different way is ridiculous fun. Thank you all who made it out, to photographer Gina Binkley for shooting our evening and for being such a pleasure to be around, to my team for seriously busting their humps for me and, most especially, to the ever-wonderful Teresa Mason at Mas Tacos Por Favor for her generosity, friendship and smarts. NOW! Catbird Seat! I am fielding quite a lot of emails and reservation requests about our incredibly exciting night at The Catbird Seat and felt I should give an informative post about the whens and wheres to reserve your seats. I will not be taking reservations via email, but wanted to give you all a timeline so you'll know what to expect.

So, today, I am simply announcing that the menu and reservation button will be posted a week from today: Monday, October 8th.  I will post everything the same way I have been, with details and menu and reservation button. Once we are full, I will take button down. If you are not "following" this webpage via email, please do so, so that you are immediately notified.

Thank you and I really couldn't be more excited and grateful!