Images of our Evening: Buttermilk Road Sunday Supper at Barista Parlor!

We've been so swept away in our holiday festivities that we haven't had a single moment to share with you the images that we are so grateful to Ryan Green for taking last Sunday at Barista Parlor. Really, we've had such a blast at all of our Suppers, but somehow this one night really has settled into the entire staff's minds as a favorite. I had such a really magnificent crew of gals by my side. The usual suspects where there: Alisa, Joy and our new regular Jessica Cheatham were there making sure everything that I didn't have time to consider was not forgotten. And then we had some special guests: Molly Levine was such a great help in the kitchen, like an old pro. And the sweet, ever efficient and lovely Salome Steinmann was all hands on deck - the girl who anticipated everyone's needs and arrived with them in hand before we even had a chance to ask. Thank you ALL for being such good energy, great fun and good help! More please!

The guests were equally lovely and lively. Plenty of wine was consumed, lots of laughter, good music, a beautiful space (thank you Andy!) and only one cloth napkin was set on fire.

We've taken quite a shine to Ryan Green, a lovely fella whom we made the acquaintance of during our Catbird Seat Supper. Native Magazine sent him our way to shoot us for a feature they are doing and he's got a good eye, a great temperament and fits right in with our pace. Enjoy his shots of our night at Barista and then head over to his website ( and enjoy him some more. Thank you, Ryan!