FULLY BOOKED! Next Event: February 17th "Tardy" Gras Celebration and Feast!

So. When a surgeon tells you that you need a six-week recovery time, you should believe her. I'm not a gal who likes to go quietly into the night. I don't convalesce well. I'm not a good patient. I was idiotically trying to cook myself breakfast two days after surgery because "I FELT fine!", or so I kept insisting until I about blacked out from pain. (In fairness: It should be noted here that I really wanted spicy kale with a fried egg on top and no one makes it like I do - I really don't blame myself). So, with a major invasive surgery behind me by barely three weeks, I have to admit that - gaddam it - my know it all surgeon was right. Six weeks. And, I jumped the gun by promising a February 10th Supper to you all. I wanted it. I wanted it so badly I could taste it and smell it and dreamed about the menu and the brass band and the king cake. But, my body said no in the most stubborn and difficult way possible. Biggest apologies for keeping you all on the hook about it and sorry for my lack of communication. Really, I have just been a stubborn cuss about the whole thing.

The GOOD news is: I am officially, and I'm not even kidding myself, feeling better and stronger and more alive than I have in quite some time. I had decided as of last week that there would be no February Supper. Until I woke up this morning. And, then, shared my little tickle of excitement with JUST the right person: Molly Fitzpatrick Martin. If you don't know Molly, or know about The Food Company where she cooks her sweet, ever-loving heart out, you should come to the Supper and meet her. She'll steal your heart. She has single-handedly and in one day taken me from a unmotivated post surgery mess who felt sad about not being Super Woman to, bam pow!, feeling quite like my old, strong, go-getter self. The girls got serious moxie and I think I might be in love. She's a power house of ideas, that one.

February 17th, 2013 Mardi Gras Celebration and Feast!


Technically, this will be a post-Mardi Gras Celebration. I wondered if it was bad form to have a Mardi Gras Supper after Fat Tuesday, but, hell, if bein' late ain't true New Orleans style then what is? And then, to assuage my worry even further, my freaking brilliant pal Dana Delworth (sharpest tool in the damn shed, if ever there was one) suggested we call it Tardy Gras and get on with the damn fun! So, here we are - officially getting on with the damn fun. If you've been reading this blog for any amount of time, you'll know the kind of deep love I have for New Orleans - a huge chunk of my heart will forever and always reside there, even when I'm elsewhere. Nothing has ever felt more "right" than the way my feet feel walking down that city's streets. It's likely nothing will ever feel "righter", either. So, the fun shall commence and, acting as an army of strength givers (because, technically, this will only be five weeks post-surgery but shhhhh...), I'll have a kitchen full of some seriously badass guest chefs (cough, cough, Nicole Wolfe and her king cakes in the house!) and Louisiana Natives. Please know that stacks of Justin Wilson, Paul Prudhomme, and Slidell Jr. League (there is no such thing) cookbooks are already being piled to the ceiling. It might get out of control. Really.

Oh and, here's a thing: Nashville's own Half Brass Band will be playing live. Then after Supper, those bad boys are going to strike up the band again and, ahem, maybe a Second Line parade? Because, what the hell is there to do after BBQ Shrimp and Gumbo and costumes and good, good music but to second line around the neighborhood? Nothing. Abso-freaking-lutely NOTHING.

See how excited I am? This is good, good medicine.

And, yes, you read that correctly and I did mean to skim over it like it was no big deal, because it is no big deal: Costumes. While I'm not much of a costume gal ordinarily, I am very much so in the case of anything New Orleans. While they are, of course, not required, they are *strongly*strongly* encouraged!  Pick your favorite Krewe and build a costume from scratch! Wear a mask! Be whoever you want to be! There will be prizes! You'll be glad you did! Live a little! Win a prize! Do a jig to a brass band! Eat some gumbo and masquerade!

There are many, many more details to follow - the rest will be sent to the guests once their reservations have been confirmed. The only other detail I'm relinquishing is the location: Andy Mumma, our dear pal, has welcomed us ever so graciously back into Barista Parlor. I have a few new places in store for future Suppers, but this place feels like home. And, since technically I'm still running a bit slower than I like to admit, it will be ever so nice to be somewhere familiar and cozy. Thank you Andy!

There is much, much more to follow. Thank you all for your interest - your sweet emails asking about upcoming Suppers have been a great way to get back on my feet.

While we plan on having some cocktails to share (how can you NOT make Sazeracs for your guests?!), officially, this is a BYOB event. There will be no corking fee or anything like that but our servers will be glad to help you with your beverages (opening and keeping them cold for you) - and I'll have some wine glasses on hand if needed.


We'll cap our Mardi Gras New Orleans Celebration and Feast Supper at 40 people. Seats for our February 17th Mardi Gras Feast and Celebration can be made HERE with a donation of $80 per seat. Within 24hours you will be sent a confirmation email and further information about our event.

Please be on the lookout for future events. We have many more exciting things to tell you, just not yet.

photo credit: Bruce Weber http://www.wmagazine.com/fashion/2008/04/new_orleans#slide=8