Next Event: March 31st! Farewell to Winter, Hello to Spring!

I feel as if I haven't even had a chance to catch you all up on our last Supper! It was simply a blast. A total and complete blast! I had a kitchen full of incredible women churning out some fun food, a half brass band out front playing some of the finest New Orleans tunes you can imagine, we drank Sazeracs (too many Sazeracs..), I made inappropriate commentary about paying homage to the Krewe du Vieux (if you don't know what I'm talking about, look it up), and we second lined down to Bar308 after supper. Lawd have mercy it was a NIGHT. I will be posting many pictures of it very soon with a better and more thorough recap. For all of you that attended, THANK you for coming with your highest spirits and your festive costumery! And, as always, thank you to Andy Mumma at our favorite pop-in location Barista Parlor for being such an ever gracious host. And biggest of thank yous to Molly Fitzpatrick Martin , Laura Wilson, and Nicole Wolfe! Love you gals! I feel I should apologize for such a constant delay in posting events. I've been working hard on streamlining the website. You all are getting to know me well enough to know that this will continue to be a constant set back for me. My poor Luddite brain....

BUT, here it is! Our next event! I know we are still in the muck and the mire and last doldrums of winter. It's been a hard last couple of weeks and I suspect we will continue to have a seemingly grey, cold haze looming over us for a couple of weeks yet. While I can't yet feel the physical feelings of Spring, I am beginning to feel the little titillations that the IDEA of Spring bring. I've been buying tulips from god knows where, likely Mexico, and filling ever possible corner of my house to remind me that, yes, soon! Spring is coming and you can take off this damn scarf and eat something besides sweet potatoes and meat and kale.

This menu is a reflection of the sort of teeter totter between two seasons we will find ourselves in come end of March/beginning of April - a kind of sweet homage (even though it's outstayed it's welcome) to roots and wintery fare and a slight welcome to some herbs and fruits that usually start to show their sweet faces by Easter time. It's also a menu that reflects some things I've been playing around with while I've been hibernating through this season (home made ginger beer and new breads).

The date for this Sunday Supper will be March 31st. This Supper will be complete with wine pairings courtesy of the darlings of all darlings Robin Riddell. The location and event times will be sent to you as we near the event, along with much more information will be sent to you as we near the event. Seats for this Supper are $85 per seat and we will cap our Supper at 40 people. Once you make your donation, you will receive an email confirming your spot within 24 hours. As always, please email me with any questions or concerns. You can make your reservations for this Supper HERE.

March 31st 2013 Sunday Supper

Appetizers and Cocktails:

Homemade Ginger Beer w. Corsair Gin and Season’s First Mint

Cornmeal Johnny Cakes w. Pimento Cheese, Loveless Café Ham, Spicy Chow Chow

First Course:

Warm Wild Mushroom, Roasted Beet & Mache Rossette Salad w. Noble Springs Goat Cheese, Pecan’s and Benton’s Bacon Vinaigrette

Second Course:

Smoked Sunburst Trout Rillettes w. Pickled Fennel, Olive Oil, Fleur de Sel and Lisas Baguettes

Third Course and Bread:

Coq au Vin w. Winter Roots

Homemade Dark Pumpernickle w. Salted Kentucky Butter


Vanilla Poached Damson Plum Cornmeal Crostada w. Tupelo Honey Buttermilk Ice Cream

See you at the table,