Seen the Morning Light, And It Ain't Because I'm an Early Rise..

So. Charleston Wine and Food Festival. 2014. Sean Brock, Drew Robinson, John Currence, Donald Link, Angie Mosier, Rodney Scott and.... Me. We cooked one of the most fun and inspiring dinners together at the Alabama Tent Revival on the Saturday night of the festival to celebrate and support Jim n' Nick and The Southern Foodway Alliance's recognition of the Archibald family of Archibald's BBQ in Northpoint, Alabama. The food was phenomenal and the company was outstanding. I made Alabama Lane Cakes with Atlanta's own Angie Mosier - a gal who somehow manages to make you fall in love with her five thousand times more every time you get to spend time with her. Working the pass with this crew, a world class shit-talking fest if I've ever seen one, was something dreams are made of. I'd love to say that I have plenty of stories to share, but it was all in the moment. And the moment included a lot, like a lifetime's worth, of incredible whisky.

The one and only Angie Mosier, setting the tone at Nick's BBQ for our Tent Revival.

Nick of Jim n' Nicks and Sean.

Donald Link of Pesce and Cochon - he was waxing super poetically about his days as a grill cook at this exact moment.

This badass pass. An impressive line up from start to finish.

My contribution: The Alabama Lane Cake.

I think everyone liked it, especially Edward Lee.