Wine Time: Robin Riddell Jones, La Tavola/Raising the Glass


If you've followed this blog for awhile, you've likely seen and heard of Robin Riddell Jones. We were fortunate enough to have her on board for all of our Sunday Suppers - smartly pairing wines with our courses and doing a damn fine job of it at every turn.

Robin's resume is impressive but what has really always impressed me is her down to earth nature when it comes to educating people about wine. In a world where people are occasionally and outwardly incredibly impressed by their own knowledge of wine and regions (and moreover, how much more they know about it than you do), Robin has always been open, wide eyed, enthusiastic and generous about the vast wealth of information and experiences she has had with wine both academically and personally. I've learned so much from her myself and I'd go as far as to to say that many, many chefs and Nashvillians will tell you the same thing.

And she's done the thing we were all hoping she would do! She's offering classes for the community at large. Her first series is dedicated to Italy. "The first series will run from April 2nd to May 14th with classes taking place every other week. Each week guests will experience six different wines paired with small bites.". You can sign up for individual classes or the entire series. There aren't many seats left, so go get ya a seat tout suite! It's truly a great addition to our growing Nashville food scene!

You can follow her website, sign up for classes and in general keep keep up with a great wine resource in our city HERE: