There is something special about getting a piece of fruit at it's best. That's why Lisa loathes pouring sugar all over it, cooking it down to a syrupy pulp until all you taste is the saccharin cloy of sugar.
Instead, Lisa prefers to cook down the fruit, letting the sugars naturally release - adding sugar to taste, after the fruit has let go of all that it will. Roasting is her preferred method to cook fruit, but we will talk about all sorts of options that can lead to pie filling, canning, compote and frozen methods. Understanding pectin, acid, naturally occurring sugars and how to use added sugar (and, more importantly, how not to use added sugar) becomes paramount in discovering the fullest potential in fruit.

Workshop members will have an opportunity to work hands on with Lisa while she both demonstrates and lectures. Light snacks and beverages of all kinds will be served. This is a 3 hour workshop and you will bring home some fruit preserves that you made in class. All materials are provided. You just bring you, a notebook, and an apron if you have it.

Cost: $85/pp; class limited to 10 people.
Due to the limited space in class and how quickly they occasionally fill up, please email Lisa at to register.